Monday, April 16, 2018

Loss of Social Capital

To socialize or not to socialize, that is the question. Is it better to suffer the slings and arrows of relatives, or just go away and avoid the miserable negativity toward me by some people?

That makes it simple. Even if it is me that is the problem, and my belief system or just the real reality, or whatever, that goes against the ancestors blind faith in the unreal. Oh well, I have moved on, they have not. 

So what is social capital?

so·cial cap·i·tal
noun: social capital; plural noun: social capitals
  1. the networks of relationships among people who live and work in a particular society, enabling that society to function effectively.

How do you insult an atheist?   "I'll pray for you."

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

End of Caring

It does not matter. Family is not necessarily important, that is actually a religious/historical meme. It has no foundation other that comfort meme. Just like religion. It is a comfort and consolation meme, nothing more. In historical time, that may not have been true, but it is now and where we live. It has been only a 120 years since electricity became useful, instant communication over distance became possible, and we were forced to deal with so much more each day, as we had little travel time to consider the last conversation.

The same level of comfort is available in knowledge based philosophy, but it is more work, effort, understanding, planning, utilizing correct understanding or the world. It is more work, but truth and knowledge and evidence based.

Everyone really has the choice once they realize it. It may be a balance between comfortable survival, comfort or survival. I use economics and survival in the same sense, as the Maslow's needs sense of survival and safety, where we are stuck in a religious cult as a child, where survival requires that we do, not necessarily believe, but not oppose the believers. Yes, look back from outside, I was raised in a religious cult, and many of my relatives are still in that cult, whether they realize it or not. Oh well, it is their lives.

Now ethics and morality, as viewed from the religious live is bullshit. There is no understanding nor applying the fundamental underlying principal of truth, honest analysis of what is virtue, or what virtues should be followed, or anything beyond following authority. Life within the cult is abusive, as see from outside and after. Oh well, it is over.


Monday, April 2, 2018

Defenders of Religion

The typical response we atheist see from religions under attack is the they are unable to defend the beliefs, so they attack the individual atheist at a personal level. Once they do this, it is like the drug companies defending vaccinations and statins, they attack the researcher. Often the research actually shows a problem, but may not identify the problem.

Vaccinations are a problem if they are given too soon. Alberta Guidelines for MMR say 3 years, while the Wakefield study found problem bunch that were vaccinated less mainly than one year, all less than 18 months. The drug companies discredited and destroyed Wakefield who was having an affair with his assistant. Oh well, it had nothing to do with what he found. That is the approch of all the religious who thrust there religion in my face, and I struck back for the lack of evidence of a god.

Oh well, they push there beliefs at me, I push back. Shit happens. They go away. I just do not care.

Saturday, March 31, 2018

The Negatives of Religion

Religions have many negative policies. It indoctrinates children and discourages questioning. This twisted belief system destroys the lives of some of the people. The religious, and many of the individuals need to be prosecuted and/or persecuted  for their offenses, and by those who survive the stupid teachings. Those that survive and recover may well be motivated to attack the faith based bullshit with reason and logic, real evidence, and abandon the religious people to their own hells.

Atheism is simply the realization that there is no god, and all such concepts are just bullshit, for the lack of a better term. Judging is important in this world of too much information. People of the gods are just abandoned, and that is where prudence starts; the ability to separate logic from faith. There is always some bad in the good, and some good in the bad. Prudence, the ability to judge what is right and good, and logic is all we really have as tools. Within our power is assent or rejection, or setting aside what we do not know or cannot prove. Teaching what cannot be proven is child abuse at best and likely fraud.

Religions value faith and put down or reject logic. This is bad, because logic is the only thing that has potential to get us through this mess the world is in. In a short time, it will be someone else's problem, as we all just die anyway. Faith is the definition of insanity; just doing the same thing over and over and expecting difference results. Sounds good, is it true?

Ethics are worth keeping; religion is not. But ethics can be totally based of logic, starting with the only thing that has major value is our life; all sorts of concepts can then be built into a hierarchy of values based on that logical foundation. The individual is the primary building blocks, then perhaps family, community, society, region, country, world. If family is wrong, they can be abandoned, as we go out to develop our own family or community of like minded.

Reality and logic can remove and replace all the faith based groups in the world, one individual at a time. Worse than faith is just not looking. The rate of Co2 rise is putting much urgency on this undertaking, as life expediency will start to decline rapidly. 2060 will have a Co2 level of 550 ppm, and few born today will be able to breath and  live unassisted just as many born into a atmosphere of 300ppm Co2 can live at 410 today. What do you think the real reason for all the CPAP machines is?

This blog may become a Fred's Rants blog.   

Friday, March 30, 2018

What to do with this Blog?

Allowing it to sit is not the only option. I could use it to shoot at politicians, or something else. I could use it to shoot a religions, but since I am a knowledge based thinker, that would not help anyone. Do I care if it helps anyone? not really. Cooperation, which is one of the foundation principals of any society, does not imply liking. It does not even imply that the correct dipole will be chosen in a simple true/false test. Yet beware of false dichotomy, where there is often a neutral position.

Every generation, or perhaps several times in a lifetime, we have the right to question how we are being governed. If one is concerned, in Canada, all one needs to foster change is to become politically active, for it is the party that controls who gets nominated, and that is where the real sloppy control is at. The party provides the short list. The concept of a short list is that all the candidates are suitable, now pick the one you want in the election. Many way splits make absolute control difficult, and inaction the likely outcome.

I am bitter about the time of mine that was wasted with religion, and on the deceptive value system that was generated because of that religion. It was wasteful, and detrimental to my life, which is the only thing of real value that we humans have. I am bitter about the brutal home life that I was born into. I am bitter about the way that my sister, the little princess, got the best of everything, and I was beat on for the first thirteen years of my life, until I got big enough and strong enough to hit back. They demanded complete obedience, even when I could hardly see, and they would not pay for glasses, and as I was growing, needed to be change most years. I grew up bitter, and religion, the religion attitude: ignoring the problem rather than logically addressing the problem, was used as a solution. Yes, that made me bitter toward religion, and family. Now I just do not care enough to care. What ever, but I will strike against religion, and faith based bullshit when there is logic, reason, knowledge, and the like.

Gota go shoot some faces.


Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and happy whatever you may celebrate. Just to say that I am not dead yet.

Draw Mohammad for the joy of it of you like.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Became an atheist and the silence is deafening. There is a space between the stimulus and response; within that spaced lies the automatic response selection matrix, all freshly reloaded with reasoned responses to concepts or stimulus.

Do not poke the bear. You may not like the response.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Willian Schnelle Nov 23, 1929 -- Aug 30, 2017

William Schnelle, 87, of Unionville, MO, passed away at the Putnam County Care Center in Unionville on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, after a brief stay.

William J. “Bill” Schnelle was born on the family farm in Sullivan County, MO, on November 23, 1929, the son of E. J. and Doris (Mullins) Schnelle, who preceded him in death. He attended Lemons High School for two years and then graduated from Unionville High School in 1947. Bill then attended the University of Missouri at Columbia where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. While there he was in the ROTC program and then enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1951. He was stationed in South Korea during the Korean conflict. Bill spent a total of 23 years in the service, most of it with the Iowa National Guard, where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He married Mary Montgomery in Dayton, OH, on August 4, 1951, and she survives at home.

Bill began his high school teaching career after his service in Korea and taught Industrial Arts and Vocational Agriculture in several schools in central Iowa. He also served as high school principal at Gilbert and Liberty Center in Iowa, retiring after over 30 years in public education. He counted among his accomplishments mentoring Harry Stine of Stine Seeds in Iowa. He and Mary moved back to the family farm in Sullivan County in 1990.

Bill was a man of varied interests including raising cows on the farm and raising produce to be sold at the Farmer’s Market. He had a boundless energy and was active in a number of areas. He enjoyed attending auctions and collecting items purchased there. He also had a large collection of “Mother Earth” magazines. Bill was a member of the Lemons American Legion and a 50 year Mason.

In addition to his wife, Bill is also survived by three sons: Roger (Jane) Schnelle of Gypsum, CO; Fred Schnelle of Unionville, MO; and Richard Schnelle of Avon, CO. He is also survived by a brother, Robert Schnelle of Elsberry, MO, and a sister, Carol Bunch of Cameron, MO, as well as several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services for William Schnelle will be at Playle and Collins Family Funeral Home in Unionville, MO, at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service. Interment will be at the Unionville Cemetery.

Memorials for Bill are suggested to the Unionville Cemetery and may be entrusted with Playle and Collins Family Funeral Home, 709 S. 27th St., Unionville, MO 63565.
As a note to the relatives, this Obit came was drawn to my attent by Bryan, son of Carloine, granddaughter of Ray.
Also this is the William who was the Schnelle family historian who assembled, composed and distributed the family genealogy. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Recovered Memories

Recovered Memories but are they true?

Same row as Kirbersons but way south, where the big rock is. Still borne, never christened, no name, just buried. But I recall Grandma going to visit one summer, when Reule (sp?) was there.

I recall Arthur talking about a gopher hole in a grave.

I recall a time when I was young, and over at Andy's with Clifford. Grandpa came along with Arther's pickup down through the north pasture. Clifford and I and Andy loaded a big rock with a flat side into the pickup. Andrew and Grandpaw were in the front, Clifford and I road in the back to the Greencourt Cemetery, and placed this stone in a hole on the grave... of the still born child between Andrew and Albert. Flat side near flat.  

Or is my mind out to lunch?