Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, and happy whatever you may celebrate. Just to say that I am not dead yet.

Draw Mohammad for the joy of it of you like.

Saturday, November 18, 2017


Became an atheist and the silence is deafening. There is a space between the stimulus and response; within that spaced lies the automatic response selection matrix, all freshly reloaded with reasoned responses to concepts or stimulus.

Do not poke the bear. You may not like the response.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Willian Schnelle Nov 23, 1929 -- Aug 30, 2017

William Schnelle, 87, of Unionville, MO, passed away at the Putnam County Care Center in Unionville on Wednesday, August 30, 2017, after a brief stay.

William J. “Bill” Schnelle was born on the family farm in Sullivan County, MO, on November 23, 1929, the son of E. J. and Doris (Mullins) Schnelle, who preceded him in death. He attended Lemons High School for two years and then graduated from Unionville High School in 1947. Bill then attended the University of Missouri at Columbia where he graduated with a Bachelor’s degree. While there he was in the ROTC program and then enlisted in the United States Air Force in 1951. He was stationed in South Korea during the Korean conflict. Bill spent a total of 23 years in the service, most of it with the Iowa National Guard, where he retired as a Lieutenant Colonel. He married Mary Montgomery in Dayton, OH, on August 4, 1951, and she survives at home.

Bill began his high school teaching career after his service in Korea and taught Industrial Arts and Vocational Agriculture in several schools in central Iowa. He also served as high school principal at Gilbert and Liberty Center in Iowa, retiring after over 30 years in public education. He counted among his accomplishments mentoring Harry Stine of Stine Seeds in Iowa. He and Mary moved back to the family farm in Sullivan County in 1990.

Bill was a man of varied interests including raising cows on the farm and raising produce to be sold at the Farmer’s Market. He had a boundless energy and was active in a number of areas. He enjoyed attending auctions and collecting items purchased there. He also had a large collection of “Mother Earth” magazines. Bill was a member of the Lemons American Legion and a 50 year Mason.

In addition to his wife, Bill is also survived by three sons: Roger (Jane) Schnelle of Gypsum, CO; Fred Schnelle of Unionville, MO; and Richard Schnelle of Avon, CO. He is also survived by a brother, Robert Schnelle of Elsberry, MO, and a sister, Carol Bunch of Cameron, MO, as well as several nieces and nephews.

Funeral services for William Schnelle will be at Playle and Collins Family Funeral Home in Unionville, MO, at 2:00 pm on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Visitation will be one hour prior to the service. Interment will be at the Unionville Cemetery.

Memorials for Bill are suggested to the Unionville Cemetery and may be entrusted with Playle and Collins Family Funeral Home, 709 S. 27th St., Unionville, MO 63565.
As a note to the relatives, this Obit came was drawn to my attent by Bryan, son of Carloine, granddaughter of Ray.
Also this is the William who was the Schnelle family historian who assembled, composed and distributed the family genealogy. 

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Recovered Memories

Recovered Memories but are they true?

Same row as Kirbersons but way south, where the big rock is. Still borne, never christened, no name, just buried. But I recall Grandma going to visit one summer, when Reule (sp?) was there.

I recall Arthur talking about a gopher hole in a grave.

I recall a time when I was young, and over at Andy's with Clifford. Grandpa came along with Arther's pickup down through the north pasture. Clifford and I and Andy loaded a big rock with a flat side into the pickup. Andrew and Grandpaw were in the front, Clifford and I road in the back to the Greencourt Cemetery, and placed this stone in a hole on the grave... of the still born child between Andrew and Albert. Flat side near flat.  

Or is my mind out to lunch?

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Thoughts on FaceBook

Timesuck. The only reason I started to use facebook was for some contact with my sister, other than the trice a year emails. Turns out, after seeing facebook for a while, I just am not impressed with what my sister has become; in addition, she is a trump supporter.  Oh well.

In addition to my sister, two of my cousins are face book people. I have not been in contact with either for most of our lives, so there is not much of a relationship there... and one of them is a trump supporter.

So facebook is planned to become a very occasional exercise.

As for my need to reach out to others, this nearly unread blog will do fine, answering the question, what if anything to do with it. 

Monday, August 14, 2017

Two in five weeks. Not the cat's age.

Discontinue or re-purpose. This blog does not have any hits beyond the phishing sites much. As I have become an atheist, there is lots of stuff I could hang up here, but as the religious do not want to see it. I have though about a few family stories but after writing them, they are too boring to read, so I will need to spice up the details.

Like the guy that got into an argument with his wife on the way to town so he stopped on a deserted piece of road and got out. As he takes off his coveralls, he says to his wife, "if you want to were the pants in this family, here you go" and he was standing there commando.

These little special interest blogs work well where the subject is of interest to a group of blogging people, but not where there is no cross fertilization. Cell phones do not work for this very good either, and we are in the declining group of citizens. I have been involved with Blogger 7 years and Compusmart for about ten years before that, and I would miss it if I were to let it go (since 486DX times 96k dial up, HTML and not wysiwyg,  where uploading in ftp was the way.) That is not the question, it is just if I let this blog location go.  

Or perhaps I could use this to hang atheist or archery articles. From there it is available for cut and paste where ever. 

Monday, July 10, 2017

What we are

Uriah got me thinking. Pamy, and Karen, Stormy, Darrell, are any of you interested in starting a round robin type Meilicke letter? None of you seem to know each other, yet you are all related.  There is a Schnelle one that has been going for most of sixty years.  

The question has arisen at to "what we are"? I can say with certainty that we are human, and that the Meilike (or Meilicke) portion crossed the Odor river in 1870. Beyond that little. I have been deluded by Tully seed, Schnelle blood, and numerous other generations. There was a Huguenot in the mix back five generations, and after all that, I cannot demonstrate that my parents were even the same species, for they produced no grandchildren. If that does not make sense to you the test for same species is fertile offspring.

It has been suggested that there is some jewish among some of the family, but I can discount that for myself as Jewishness is only carried in the maternal line by custom, and it does not matter anyway.

When I trace my maternal line back, as far as I can go is to Ann Maxwell, born in Ireland, 1739. As my father was also born in Ireland in 1901, I can say that I am of Irish extraction, by over 50% and little more. There is a suggestion that the Tully name came to Ireland about 1600, and more that it came with the return of some of the Wild Geese.

The name Meilike is not German, but I know that it is not Polish either, but the ike part suggest more south and east of there, Slovakia or Czechia area. But people have moves around due in part to war, local overpopulation and the like. Who know, and more to the point, how does that help me make a living? 

Genealogy is a past time, to be discussed, but with all the illegitimacy and all the other questions of lineage, it is crude at best. If one was to go the DNA method, the reference samples are typically too small an time dependent to mean much. Through written history, we can find the Celts spread form the Black Sea to Ireland; there greatest fear was the sky falling, (meteorites) to now running out of beer. Not even the names on grave stones can be trusted. And then the family stories grow and wither as lining vines.  Ah. In the end we all just die anyway.      

Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Silence keeps them all guessing

I do not know much family history. It was not talked about much, and when it was, as soon as we children came around, silence ensued. I do not yet know why, other than the young generation distracted the old from the reflective mood one may need to be in to talk about the history. Secondly, noise is difficult to talk over, but we children were more seen than heard, or not. I do not know.

I recall one summer day, wandering over to grandpa's, perhaps we were there, the details are sketchy in my mind. Gus and one of Grandmothers brothers were siting out on the north side of the house, in the shade, talking. So I sat down and started listening. Gus was relating that he had never met his grandfather, because he was born after arrival in the US, he had been born at "cousins Julius place" in Minnesota shortly after they arrived, but they soon left for Iowa. Teresa Luther, Karl, and others arrived when he was small. Teresa was his grandmother, who left Prussia after Gustav (Gus's Grandfather) drowned in a spring flood of the Odor River (they were from east of the river, in what is now Poland) trying to save a bull. The main thing Gus recalled was Teresa teaching Latin to him, to cognate verbs, and then she died.

Now there is some conflict there. The "official" record says that Gus was born in Dallas County, and the name was Meilike, but what do I know.

Gus was an atheist, but Julius pushed an afterlife onto him, whether he believed or not, I do not know. Grandpa Julius had him burried with his buffalo coat, a gun and a knife that he had brought with him from Iowa, Dallas county, in the fall of 1906 I think. There is a bit of confusion about the year.

Gus and Julius stopped in Edmonton, and Gus worked on the Post Office, the old one who's clock is beside the Citadel now, and three house. They were all gone before Gus died. Grandpa went looking for land, first north than toward Greencourt. After he found land, he was returning to Edmonton, and encountered Gus on the road. Work had run out, and Gus struck out to save cash. Julius had been gone for quite a while longer than expected, and Gus figured something had happened.

Gus told the story that "when Julius brought me here, the only way I could see a hundred yards was straight up." They whip sawed a lot of lumber and built a cabin. It had a Rubberroid roof, a new product, invented(1905) and  produced in Edmonton at that time. It faced south, and had two rooms. The north room had a cellar underneath. The first year they cleared enough to get a patch of spuds in, and a few oats. 

More remembering later. My memory is good for that old stuff, but the newer bits, not so good. I need to take the trailer in to place on Parsons Road to get some work done, and I could not recall where Parsons Road was, but I recognized the name. When I looked it up, I was shocked that I did not remember it. I use it often, and had an office along it for a few years.      

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


I happened across your Meilicke page.  Sam Meilicke was my Granddad.  There is no blood relation but he adopted my mother, Edna Barton Meilicke.  We lived in Baring, Mo., just down the road from them.  I saw them nearly everyday and also went by his feed store after school on a daily basis when school was in session.  I have some of the Meilicke information that my Mother had but I don’t know of any family left around here now.  I have lived in several places but now am retired (sort of) back in Baring.  I live less than a mile as the crow flies from where I grew up.
Just wanted to say hello and if you know any information I would be glad to hear it.  I have enjoyed the pictures on your site.  I used to write to Uncle Gus and Uncle Jewel when I was a child.  I knew about them homesteading but I had never seen pictures until I saw yours.  I’m so glad to see them.
Hi Pamy;

It is great to hear from you once more. I had to go to my notes of Oct 2013 recall the communications content. I am not much on keeping up with the relatives.

I recall going to Gus's place and being handed one of your letters and being asked if I would like to write back. I was not a writer of letters. I recall it being on lined paper. That must have been in the early 1960's.

There are a few scattered second cousins and more distant around the US. Some have gone back to the original Meilike spelling. That seems to have been changed during WWI. But I never met many of them, and do not keep up.

I did meet Jules's (my grand father) brother, Sam in the summer of 66 or 67 perhaps when he was up here. Something to do with the settling of Gus's estate, and some land held in trust from the Gustav Estate (from about 1919 or 1922, perhaps to avoid taxes.) The land had increased in value over the nearly forty five years in trust. But what do I know, I was only a teenager then.

I recall Sam asking if there was one of Adolph's (Ed) corn savers was around the farm, but I had never seen one at that time. Why I remember that is beyond me. I also recall that Sam was much smaller physically than Gus and Grandpa Jules.

I have a lovely family tree, typed up in about 1965 and added to many times, but what to do with it. It is unsafe to put live people on the net, so it will just sit I guess. Over the years, through comments, I have heard of numerous distant cousins, but few responded beyond that.

Past, Present and Future and Stop Evangelizing

What to do with this blog? Few of the relatives seem to have much interest in my efforts, and information is hard to come by. It is like trade secrets or something. I just cannot care anymore. It is too depressing, that and all these dead relatives. Anything I obtained was available somewhere already, so nothing much new was added. So what is to be gained? Knowledge that I am unable to retain, and no one wants? It became to depressing to work on much.

Security is always an issue now, so nothing of the live relations can be put on this. Facebook has bits of live relations, if I were so inclined. We have very different lives, and very different values. I do not want to be around some of them; I can see why these people will not come near me, after they find out a few things about me. Oh well. Rejection is normal for me, I reject them, they reject me. So be it.

In the past few years I have been contacted by two distance relatives and both of those closed with a strongly evangelizing god reference. I am atheist, there is no god, no soul, no afterlife. So why are these people evangelizing at me, or are they just evangelizing. If they are just evangelizing, do I want to know them? They may be relatives but are not rational. No critical thinking, rational person, who has examined the god concept in detail could believe in a god. So the most generous thing I can say is that they have not rationally considered the concept, and have just gone on historical teachings, without critical examination.  Or should I just evangelize back... no I do not have the patience to argue against religion and the damage it does. It is a waste of time to point out the obvious to those who will not look or see. But why should I put up with their evangelizing?

So what do I do about those, tell them the truth, and give them warning. What is the point, they are not critical thinkers, else they would be unbelievers.  So I am not only atheist but anti-evangelist, as god is at best a concept, not real. Belief in gods are one of the main reasons for conflict between cultures, races, nations, and the like. It is all about distrust of people who think differently. They become, in effect, a different species. It is very natural to feel threatened by different species, and being sapiens, do as any sapiens would and try to eliminate the competition. It is only natural. There are many that say we could change our nature, but that may occur later, after they are no longer a threat. We did that with the native, but thy reproduced, and are now a problem again. If the problem does not go away, perhaps we will need to take some action again as a culture, nation, society. 

Ultimately, evangelizing will destroy any desire for family ties. But if we are not of the same belief system, there will be no family. So what is it to be folks?